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I have a ____ stuck in a tree. Can you help me out?

We Rescue Cats, Drones, and anything else stuck in a tree.

Drones, rockets, model planes and other expensive toys do, from time to time become stuck in trees. If you are navigating through such a dilemma, please don’t hesitate to call.

We do not charge for rescues. We love and value animals here at Arborist Prime and know firsthand what it’s like to care for, love, and be a companion to these wonderful beings. If it’s in your budget to make a donation to help cover gas and gear, then those are greatly appreciated. We will never turn anyone down on their inability to make a donation. 

If your cat is stuck in a tree and can’t make its own way down, give us a shout. We will do our best to get your feline friend safely back on terra firma.  Before you contact us please allow the cat at least 24 hours to make its way down.  If it doesn’t come down within 1 to 2 days, the chances of it making it down on its own are dramatically reduced. Tempting the cat with food, calling its name, and making sure any unnecessary noise and commotion (barking dogs, multiple unfamiliar people) is eliminated may increase the chance that Mr. Whiskers will return to your loving arms. If all your options have been exhausted and the kitty is still in peril, let us know and we will do our absolute best to retrieve it.

Even though we are there to rescue your cat, they might not believe that themselves. We normally take a bucket with a blanket in it, or canvas bag to secure the cat with. Some are ok with this, and some believe that it is their last moments alive.  If the latter happens and your cat attempts to evolve momentarily into a bird don’t worry. Cats have been known to fall from heights of up to 100 feet and be completely fine afterwards. On the other hand, it is possible that they could become injured.  We are not liable for any injuries sustained during the rescue.

 Dehydration would be the most urgent issue for a freshly rescued cat so plenty of fresh water should be in order. Any evidence of open wounds, broken bones, or concerning behavior would warrant a visit to the vet. Keep an eye on fluffy for the first 24 hours after rescuing to make sure that they are acting their normal self.

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