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Selective Height Reduction

Metro Detroit and all of the Southeast Michigan area has favorable growing conditions for different tree species, and some non-native tree and plant species that are invasive. As the size of these trees increases, the stress placed on its limbs, branches, and trunk increase as well. Selective height reductions/crown reductions is the pruning of selected limbs at the tree canopy for reducing height.

How selective height reduction is different from topping a tree:

Selective height reduction is a time-consuming technique and is more of an art than a science. It requires significant experience and training to perform. The difference between the two is to not cut back to water sprouts or leave large stubs with small lateral branches. Arborist Prime selectively reduces the height while making the appropriate lateral pruning cuts. This means that our technicians cannot reduce the height of large trees drastically. A routine crown reduction will train the canopy to maintain a lower height.

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Maintaining Desired Tree Height?

Some species of small trees in Michigan that are vigorous growers can withstand topping cuts. When topping small trees, the tree looks unpleasant for a season. During the next growing season, new growth will replace the topping cuts. After some time, the tree will be full of growth and at the desired height. To maintain trees at a desired height, trees may have to be prune more frequently. If you have questions about Selective height reduction / Crown Reduction or the pruning of any of your trees, you should contact Arborist Prime today! Our tree experts are here to help you with all your tree care needs.

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