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Need Tree Risk Assessment services?

Tree Risk Assessment

Arborist Prime’s tree professionals are trained to locate structural issues that may cause branch failures or total tree failure. During the tree risk assessment, the tree professional will diagnose conditions that put your trees at risk and will review with you all your available options. The Arborist Prime tree service technician will look for:

  • Weak form or structural problems in young trees, which may be more susceptible to wood decay and other defects.
  • Symptoms of decay, weakly attached branches, cracks, and splits, poor architecture, saturated soils, and root problems.
  • Structural integrity in older trees, plus determine necessary remedial treatments to reduce the risk of branch, stem, and root failures.
  • Pre-storm strategies are recommended to identify potentially hazardous conditions and to help reduce the risk of damage before harsh weather occurs.
  • Threats, including insects, mites, and disease, just to name a few.

Some of these defects are obvious by visual inspections, but others require a more detailed and experienced assessment.

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Corrective Treatments

If our tree service technician’s evaluation indicates that a tree represents a high risk of failure, corrective treatments can lessen that risk. Corrective treatments could involve pruning to reduce branch weight and wind resistance, and installation of structural supports including cables and brace rods that help to limit branch movements during storms. When treatments will not effectively reduce the risk of tree failure, tree removal should be considered to maintain safety on the property.

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